Onsite Headshot and Portrait Sessions

Detailed information and pricing


Free photography consultation

Before your shoot, we will discuss your goals for the look and feel of your images.  If you have any questions about how the photography process works, I will answer them.  After we have set a vision, we will create a schedule and plan for your photo shoot.


Travel and setup

I travel to you, saving you time and productivity.  I bring around $20K of photography equipment, ready for everything we discussed in our consultation.  

I arrive early to set up and make sure I'm perfectly prepared for a successful shoot.


One-on-one sessions

I coach each person on posing and expression, capturing a wide variety of angles and images.

This is where the magic happens!  It's my job to make people look good, while creating a collaborative and enjoyable environment.

Everything technical has been taken care of before the session.  Once we've begun, the session is 100% about people skills + directing.


Live digital review

As I take pictures, they pop up on a large screen for each person to review their pictures as we go.  There's no guessing involved!

I collaborate with each person to make sure we are getting the images they want.  My sessions are very interactive, and I care deeply that people are satisfied with their photos.


Toning and processing.

After the shoot, your photos will be enhanced for color, contrast, exposure, and sharpness to ensure technical excellence.  

This process is the modern "digital darkroom" where I develop your photos to look their absolute best.


Online proofing gallery

Once I have toned and processed your images, I create an online gallery where each person can select their favorite images.

The proofing gallery is easy to use.  Each individual gallery can be password-protected if you like.


Retouching and editing

All final headshots receive advertisement-quality retouching and editing.  

Retouching includes subtle enhancements for skin, hair, eyes, and teeth.

Editing can include anything you want - no request too large or small.


Secure delivery and archival

Your final photos are delivered high-resolution and archived via a cloud-based storage solution.

If you ever have questions about cropping, file management, or photo usage, you can contact me for help.


all sessions are personally include an online proofing gallery and photoshop retouching


Get In Touch!

Let's begin planning your next photography project.  

Email me:  Johnny@JohnnyShryock.com

Call/text:  301-452-2458.

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