Pricing Overview

I always do my best to work within a client's budget, and I reward long-term clients with discounted pricing.  Every project receives a customized quote that is influenced by the scope of photography required.  


group pricing:  On-location headshots & portraits

Averages around $140 per person

I come to your office and create a collection of amazing headshots and/or portraits, for as many people as you need.  Each person receives coaching and directing in their own one-on-one session, photographed with flattering lighting.  All final images are toned, processed, retouched and edited in high resolution.


individual pricing: On-location headshots & portraits

$475 for individual sessions

We collaborate to create a complete package of promotional photos, customized just for you. My individual sessions are done at a relaxed pace, allowing time for multiple backgrounds and outfits. You save time because I bring the studio to you!

Please note that all of my photography is done on location. I do not operate a photo studio.


team members in action

$500 per hour, three hour minimum.

Boost your website, proposals, branding, and social media with your customized, in-house library of creative photos that showcase your team members in action.  We work together to create and capture scenes that will resonate with your audience and match your branding.

At the shoot, we will collaborate and strategize our scenes and locations, to ensure we create a wide variety of images for you to use in design. You’ll see all images pop up immediately on an iPad so you can see exactly what we’re getting.


Team Photos

$125 each if added to a headshot shoot; $600 if booked standalone.

Showcase your talent, expertise, and leadership with an impressive group portrait.  Make sure that your audience knows that you stand together as you work hard to help your clients.


Event photography

$400/hour, two hour minimum.

Under your guidance, I will photograph key VIP speakers and guests, candid interactions among guests, quick group photos, wide shots of the room, and anything else you need.


special projects

$1000 - $4000+

Some special projects just don't fit into the other categories, such as:

  • Editorial photography for books

  • A headshot booth at a corporate event

  • Advanced photography projects